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Ladle Volunteers

Volunteer Group

Ladle Volunteers

Ladle provides an opportunity for many individuals and groups to experience the joy of service to the urban poor. Although Christ is the focus of our ministry, we are happy to have volunteers of any faith (or no faith) come and serve with us. To find directions to First Presbyterian Church click on the link Directions.

To see some stories from past Ladle volunteers click the button below.

Volunteer Stories

Who can Volunteer?

Groups and Families
We have a number of groups and families who serve on a regular basis so you must contact us to see when there are openings. In some cases we have to put a limit on the size of the group. For safety reasons, children must be at least ten years old.
High School Students
We have a number of high school students who satisfy their school’s community service requirement by serving at Ladle. Please contact us to make arrangements.
We can often accommodate one or two individuals, but not always. Please contact us to see if there is room on the Sunday you have in mind. When you contact us, please mention your affiliation and how you heard about us.
Contact Info
To contact us click on the link Contact Us and tell us when you would like to volunteer, who you represent, and how many might come with you. We promise to respond.

Arrival Times

  • On a Sunday afternoon you should arrive no later than 1:15 pm.

What to Expect on a Sunday

Volunteers should enter through the Third Avenue entrance. There should be a person at the door to let you in and to direct you to the Dining Room. On entering the dining room there will be a table where you can fill out a name tag and get a job assignment. At about 1:30 PM there is a volunteer orientation. After the orientation you should go to your job area where your job duties will be explained. Some possible job assignments are

  • tray preparation
  • meal serving
  • bread and drink serving
  • dish washing
  • property check-in
  • ticket takers
  • clothing order takers
  • clothing order fillers

At 2:00 PM our guests are admitted and there will be a short worship service. After the worship service (about 2:30 PM) we begin our meal service and our clothing distribution. We generally shut down our meal service and clothing distribution between 3:00 Pm and 3:30 PM. At this time some volunteers will be assigned to clean up their job area. Others will be assigned to general dining room clean-up. We are generally done by 4:00 PM.

Notice: Bleach is used during clean-up, so be careful to not get any on your clothing.