Ladle Ministries

Food and a Lot More

Sunday Service and Meal

We serve a hot meal and offer a worship service each Sunday afternoon that is attended primarily by the urban poor and homeless. We also distribute clothing to those who need it. To find out about volunteering click here. To learn more about donating clothing click here.

Many of our guests suffer from untreated medical or psychological conditions. Every Sunday a team of doctors and nurses provide medical screening and help our guests navigate the complicated healthcare system. See Street Corner Care below.

There is a team of volunteers who sit down at the tables with our guests and write down any prayer requests they might have. These prayer requests are distributed to over one hundred prayer warriors who pray for our guests during the week. To sign up to receive prayer requests click here.

Several of our volunteers are now providing haircuts each Sunday for our guests. This has proven to be a very popular addition to our services.

A number of church and community groups volunteer at various times throughout the year to serve at Ladle. We provide a safe environment for our volunteers to learn about and to serve the urban poor and homeless. To find out about volunteering click here.

Here is a comment from one of our guests

I love coming to Ladle because of the services they provide, but mostly because of the love we feel from the volunteers and the Lord’s presence is present and provides a healing time for those of us in need — plus — the prayers are a lifesaver.

Saturday Food Distribution

On the second Saturday of each month Ladle acts as a distribution site for the Federal Emergency Food Assist­ance Program in the downtown area. Individuals and families who meet the federal income requirements receive food packages once a month. Many of the attendees live in the three large low income housing units within blocks of the church. To find out about volunteering click here.


Wednesday Bible study

Bible Study and Meal

After a Covid layoff we have resumed our weekly class on Christian discipleship, geared toward the particular concerns and circumstances of street life. We are using a new curriculum with biblical principles embedded into the existing Real Like Skills curriculum. This will be a multi-month series produced by Real Life Skills and the Ladle Fellowship.

No matter what the current topic, we always teach our homeless guests about the life-changing grace of God toward sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The study is from 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM every Wednesday. Dinner is served either before or after the study.
See video below.


San Diego Street Choir

Practices and Performances

Back in 2016, Ron Bolles of La Jolla Presbyterian Church approached us about starting a choir for the homeless at the Ladle Fellowship. We enthusiastically accepted, and now the San Diego Street Choir is a thriving aspect of our ministry. Singing together as a group is therapeutic, community-building, and spiritually inspiring. For many of our choir members, joining the choir has helped them "come out of their shell" and has given them a supportive community to turn to when difficulties and temptations inevitably arise.

The Street Choir has performed all over San Diego County, and their concerts have raised thousands of dollars for the arts & music therapy program at the Monarch School for children impacted by homelessness. The opportunity to serve others through music is a profound experience for many of our choir members

The San Diego Street Choir has resumed practices following a Covid layoff from 4:30 – 6:00 PM on Wednesday. For more information visit the web site
See video below.


Street Corner Care

Medical Ministry

Every Sunday, we provide free medical screenings, consultations, and basic treatments to our homeless guests. Volunteer medical personnel lend their time to care for the health needs and concerns of those on the streets, many of whom would not otherwise receive medical care.

During the rest of the week, Ladle Fellowship staff follow up with our Street Corner Care patients, accompanying them to doctor's appointments, helping them understand their paperwork and medications, coaching them through the healthcare system, and providing invaluable relational support and encouragement. Sometimes this intervention leads to more comprehensive care, as sick or disabled individuals finally receive the support they need to navigate the complex homeless services system. Bridging the gap in this way has saved lives.

In San Diego County the number of homeless deaths has increased 91% in the last 5 years. One of the leading causes of homeless mortality is the lack of access to healthcare.

Here is what Street Corner Care has accomplished since 2017

1577 homeless patients seen
9 patients on average per week
112 individuals with serious untreated illnesses who may have died on the streets without our intervention
88 volunteers trained for homeless healthcare and street medicine

Ladle is now taking street-corner-care to the streets where the homeless live. We call it house-calls for the homeless. Below are some pictures of our medical team ministering in the area downtown where many of the homeless live.

Future Plans  Street Corner Care plans to bless three other church outreach ministries with grants to start their own clinics. Through generous funders, we will be able to establish medical services with a trained Operations Manager, all of the necessary equipment, and recruiting and training for each site. Beginning in the 4th quarter of 2022 it is planned to have North Coastal, East County, and Beach area Clinics operational by the end of 2024.


Mentorship Program

Support inTransition

Through our relationships with local shelters and transitional housing programs such as PATH Connections Housing and the San Diego Rescue Mission, the Ladle Fellowship helps support individuals who are on their way out of homelessness, in addition to those who are currently on the streets. One of the most important resources needed by individuals who are trying to change their lives is positive, healthy community. On the other hand, isolation and unhealthy relationships are often the biggest risk factors for repeated homelessness.

Recognizing this, we pair individuals who are transitioning out of homelessness and seeking to rebuild their lives with volunteer mentors. Our mentors are not professionals and they do not offer monetary or material aid. Rather, they give of their time, wisdom, care, and friendship. Being paired with a mentor has helped many of our participants join a church, find a job, avoid negative influences, experience a sense of belonging, and simply make a good friend.

The Mentorship program is a cooperative effort with the Walk With Me program at the San Diego Rescue Mission. To find out more about this program go to the web site

See video below on mentorship