What Do We Do?

Ladle Meal

Feed and clothe the poor

We serve a hot meal and offer a worship service each Sunday afternoon that is attended primarily by the urban poor and homeless. We also distribute clothing to those who need it. Once a month we have a case worker from Presbyterian Urban Ministries who provides IDs and counselling.
Food Bank

Provide help to seniors

We distribute supplemental food bags once a month to low-income seniors and needy veterans. The recipients come primarily from the three large low-cost housing units that are within a few blocks of First Presbyterian Church.
Volunteer Opportunities

Provide service opportunities

We provide a valuable service to churches, ministries, and other organizations by offering a dynamic, structured, and safe environment in which to volunteer and serve those in need. Our volunteers come from church youth groups, Boy Scout troops, service clubs, high schools, international students, Bible Study groups, etc.
Discipleship Class

Teach discipleship

We gather each Wednesday from 4:45 – 6:00 PM for a Practical discipleship class with an emphasis on helping the homeless and others become committed lifelong followers of Jesus Christ through the study of Scripture and its practical application. Food is served after the study.
Medical Screening

Provide Medical Screening

Many of our guests suffer from untreated medical or psychological conditions. Every Sunday a team of doctors and nurses provide medical screening and help our guests navigate the complicated healthcare system. A volunteer from Family Health Services assists in setting up doctor appointments and in signing up for Medi-Cal.
San Diego Street Choir

Host a Street Choir

In cooperation with La Jolla Presbyterian Church we have started the San Diego Street Choir. This choir allows a number of our guests to worship our Lord in song. The choir practices on Wednesday evening from 4:45 – 6:00 PM and on Sunday afternoon from 12:45 – 2:00 PM. They perform at churches and other community events.
In Addition: We offer on-going pastoral care and counseling with a focus on re-uniting fragmented families, restoring broken relationships, and establishing a life committed to purpose. In cooperation with the Downtown Fellowship of Churches and Ministries we provide mentors who go alongside and assist those transitioning to more permanent housing. To find out more about the mentorship program go to Downtown Fellowship Mentoring.

Why Do We Do It?

Relationship based evangelism and discipleship are at the heart of all we do. We aim to proclaim the good news of salvation through Christ; to help homeless believers and others in seeking a biblically ordered life; and to become more deeply committed disciples ourselves. We desire to bring God glory as we work to build and expand Christ's kingdom.

What Can You Do?

Come volunteer with us on a Sunday or on the second Saturday of each month. To find information about volunteering click on the link Volunteer
Pray for Our Guests
Each Sunday we have volunteers who go around to the tables, pray with our guests, and collect their prayer requests. These requests are distributed to those who would like to pray for our guests during the week. If you would like to be added to our list of prayer warriors, go to our Contact page and submit your name and email address.
Donate Money/Clothing

We can use your financial support. To learn about the different ways that you can donate money to Ladle click on the link Donate Money.

We always need more clothing, especially men's. Maybe you or your group could organize a clothing drive to benefit Ladle. To find out the most needed items and to obtain additional information click on the link Donate Goods

Tell Your Friends
You can tweet your friends and tell them about Ladle . You can also direct them to our facebook page or to our website http://ladlefellowship.org.

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